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A resource book for domestic abuse and abortion recovery


Healing Hidden Bruises - Book Cover Image_edited.jpg

Healing Hidden Bruises

How to Recover from the Trauma of Domestic Abuse and Coerced Abortion

Read an excerpt...

Finally, at the end of my first trimster, there didn't seem to be any other option. After a long, tear-filled prayer, I looked up and said, "I'm sorry God. I can't do this anymore. I am willing to keep my end of the bargain, but where are you,God? Why don't you heal me?" In my mind, there was no other option. In my mind, it was either go through with the procedure or I die, in which case the baby dies anyway. Laying on the gurney, they began to roll me into the operating room. I was filled with a sense of dread. The time had come. One last time I crossed my arms over my stomach, trying to gently caress the little life inside of me. Fighting back tears, I asked the child to forgive me then I prayed it would not hurt the baby very much. My thoughts switched to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, crying out, "Father, is there no other way?" I couldn't help but ask that same question. Why must it end like this? God, please forgive me for what I am about to do - taking the life of an innocent one! The intern took my arms and laid them at my sides, and they began to administer anesthesia. when I woke up, my hysterectomy was over, and I felt like my life was over too. No children. No chance of grandchildren. A broken vow. A crushed spirit. A shattered life.


Led by the Lord to write a book after having two abortions, Arlene speaks on her journey of healing and forgiveness and offers hope to abortion survivors. Listen as she describes the steps to achieving her freedom from trauma under the watchful gaze of the Father.

SPEAK Life Project 

Interview with Arlene Lehmann



       or more than 30 years, Arlene Lehmann has been helping women recover from domestic violence and  abortion trauma. She speaks from her own experiences in facilitating many support groups for battered women and post–abortive women, including the well-known 'Forgiven and Set Free' post-abortion Bible study. She has also served on the leadership team for 'Deeper Still,' a weekend retreat for women with an abortion wounded heart. 

Arlene is a member of Operation Outcry and the Silent No More Awareness campaign. The Speak Life Project, Operation Outcry and The Silent No More Awareness Campaign are all ministeries and

organizations that give men and women an


opportunity  to give their testimony and educate others of the devastating effects of abortion. The National Domestic Violence Hotline and Website give information abuse, safety, and local resources for your area.  Arlene is a frequent public speaker on topics of abuse and abortion and has also been a guest on various TV shows and media outlets, including Faces of Abortion, TBN Denver,  and The Unborn Movement.

Having spent most of her life in the Denver area, she now resides in Fort Wayne Indiana where she remains active in her local church, pro-life activities, and helping hurting women. She likes to read and listen to music in her spare time.


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24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides essential tools and support to help survivors of domestic violence so they can live their lives free of abuse.

Operation Outcry  is a ministry of The Justice Foundation that seeks to end the pain of abortion in America and around the world by mobilizing women and men hurt by abortion who share their true stories of the devastating effects of abortion.

A mission to raise awareness about abortion's adverse effect on society.

Speak Life is a video series and social media movement created to give a voice to the silenced victims of abortion. Each episode captures an audience with compelling video testimonies from Christian parents who have been impacted by abortion. Parents are empowered to break the silence by giving their unborn child a voice.

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